An Afternoon with John Covert Watson

Posted on: May 22, 2022

Recently I had the opportunity to spend the afternoon with John Covert Watson,
Peter Dick, Marta Stefaniuk, and Ricardo Benavides, exploring the architecture at John's personal home off Redbud Trail in Westlake. The home has amazing angles and interest and of course, the gunite ceilings that are used in many of his works.
As a storied Austin architect, John has had his hands on many homes in the Austin area including the Sand Dollar House at Lake Travis and the gorgeous Grotto Dome House on Spiller lane in Westlake.
His distinct ceilings, domes, and massive arcs are seen throughout his works locally and throughout the U.S.
John is a student of organic architecture and worked alongside Frank Lloyd Wright. Many of his projects are designed to blend into the surrounding areas and use actual materials from the site itself as part of the design, often building the structure around or incorporating the materials into the design itself.
Marta is working with Peter Dick - Peter Dick Architects who served as Project Manager on and compiling the original pencil drawings from Covert-Watson's works. You can follow Marta and her passion projects at or on insta @aggressivezen.
Several people have reached out with stories and contributions. If you have worked with John, or own one of his designs, we would love to hear from you!
- Susan

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